8th January 2017

Ted Baker pink beauty bag gift set

I decided to treat myself with a nice pink beauty bag gift set from Ted Baker. Ted Baker is a UK-based brand that has some beautiful beauty products as well as fashion items including clothing and handbags. I love the brand because of the beautiful designs and packaging. I think packaging really adds something to the product and can just make it a lot more appealing. Although their clothing items are not something I would consider acceptable for my budget, I must admit I have a weakness for their beauty products and their typical bow shopping bags.

This pink beauty bag gift set comes with a beautiful case with a very pretty floral pattern. The outside of the case has a smooth fabric which gives… Read More

7th December 2016

You are never fully dressed without perfume – Jean d’Arcel Incarnation n°8

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Perfume, it’s something I have great difficulty choosing. When I walk into a perfume store I’m always so overwhelmed by all the different scents that it’s very hard for me to determine which scent I’m actually smelling and whether I like it or not. Therefore it’s always a ‘chore’ for me to go perfume shopping. I do have a preference for sweet and floral scents that aren’t too harsh or overpowering. But when do you come to the point where it becomes overpowering? No one really knows unless they wear the scent for a while or smell it on someone else. That’s how I came to the Jean d’Arcel brand.

I bought myself the Jean d’Arcel Incarnation n°8 Eau De Parfum. I’ve never heard of the… Read More

3rd October 2015

Marc Jacobs – Decadence

When I saw this perfume bottle on instagram I just fell in love. Not even a day later I went to the perfume store to smell the new scent of Marc Jacobs. I must say I’ve always found it very difficult to smell a scent in a perfume store cause I’m so overwhelmed by different smells that I don’t really know what to think anymore. I also have difficulties knowing if a smell is ‘good’ on me or not. I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem but it sure is an issue for me. On someone else however it is super easy to figure out if I like a scent or not.… Read More

27th February 2015

Skincare – Clarisonic Mia 2

About three years ago I first heard about the Clarisonic devices. Throughout the years I have seen this item coming up in favourite videos on YouTube. Since this skincare device is rather on the pricey side (149 euro) I had a hard time committing to buying this product. It took me about 2 and a half years before I decided to go ahead and see what all the fuss was about. The clarisonic can best be described as a toothbrush but for your face. I read a lot of reviews and most were very positive in saying that this is a must in your skincare routine. Knowing that I barely have any skincare routine (removing my make-up with a cleansing milk) I thought that this…… Read More