Ted Baker pink beauty bag gift set

I decided to treat myself with a nice pink beauty bag gift set from Ted Baker. Ted Baker is a UK-based brand that has some beautiful beauty products as well as fashion items including clothing and handbags. I love the brand because of the beautiful designs and packaging. I think packaging really adds something to the product and can just make it a lot more appealing. Although their clothing items are not something I would consider acceptable for my budget, I must admit I have a weakness for their beauty products and their typical bow shopping bags.

This pink beauty bag gift set comes with a beautiful case with a very pretty floral pattern. The outside of the case has a smooth fabric which gives it a luxurious look. Be careful though, because of the fabric it can stain quite easily and it’s not easy to clean. The case has a beautiful neon Ted Baker bow on the front. On the inside of the bag there is a little mirror and beautiful neon colouring. I was immediately in love with this bag! It’s definitely a piece that is beautiful for display.

Of course it’s not just the case (although that already convinced me enough to get it), you also get 4 beautiful  products. This collection contains a refreshing body wash, moisturising body soufflé (content is pink) and a body spray which entwines the soft floral notes of jasmine and neroli, whilst the base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk completes the scent. I love floral and sweet scents so this was right up my alley.

They also have the pink beauty products in smaller travel size versions. They are so adorable and very handy to carry around. The products also come in a beautiful see-through neon case. This collection of handbag essentials contains a smoothing lip balm, a mini body lotion and mini body spray. I love the body spray and the body lotion, the lip balm is not one of my favourites. But I’d say it’s definitely worth it because you get a little beauty bag included!

Ted Baker also has a wide collection of beautiful shopping bags designed with their typical bow element. I love the different colours and designs! I have two of them and use them as a lunch bag since I do not consider them actual handbags. One big downside to the shopping bags is that they are made of a plastic material. This means that the bag will lose it’s shape in warm/humid temperatures. Not always fun during the summer but since I live in Belgium (and we usually have shitty weather) it’s not all too bad.

I definitely recommend their beauty bags as well! Lots of beautiful colours and designs to choose from! You can check our their sales section, they always have some nice accessories in there.


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