How to start decorating your home

If you’re still looking for your home sweet home or you just bought your first house, congratulations! With this wonderful new start of owning your own property it’s now time to make a lot of decisions. The thought of decorating your home from scratch might therefore be quite overwhelming. In my case it certainly was. There are many different interior design styles going from industrial to shabby chic and they all have their charm. Choices will have to be made and it won’t be easy.


Here some tips on how to start decorating your home:

Architectural styles

The architectural style of your home can be a first indicator and facilitator in choosing your decoration style. Do you have a home with a lot of raw materials such as bare brick walls? Then the industrial look might be a perfect match to make your home stand out. If your house has a modern style then you might lean more towards the urban modern or scandinavian decorative styles. Although none of these rules are set in stone, they can make your life (and decisions) a little easier.

Pinterest Industrial home style


Pinterest is a wonderful place to get inspiration for your home. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be decorating your own place. So be sure to take your time to find out which style you like. Pinterest can not only help you with deciding the perferred styles you have but it can also give you specific ideas on how to integrate pieces in your home. Mix and matching is the key in making your living spaces personal.

home decor inspiration Pinterest


YouTube is another nifty tool that can help you find the perfect interior design for your home. You will find home tour videos in abundance. Keep in mind that YouTubers sometimes have a different budget than you have. If you find the home decor of your dreams in one of those videos it’s time to get creative. Many times the exact pieces won’t be available in your country or will simply be too expensive. If you’re on a budget DIY’s are the way to go. YouTube can assist you here as well. Some interior designers even share their ideas with you. Robeson Design is one of those YouTubers that does a wonderful job for her clients as a decorater.

Home Tour Youtube

Visit stores with home decor

Visiting home decor stores in your area give you an idea of what’s available for you. Online you can also find a lot of shops that sell beautiful decor pieces. Find stores that agree with your budget. This doesn’t mean that you can’t visit high-end home design stores for inspiration but what if you find that perfect piece that will never be attainable? No need for these frustrations if you search for inspiration online to continue making the design your own with your personal touch.

Start with a central piece

When my boyfriend and I bought our house I already had a slight idea how I wanted to decorate my home. Afterwards I visited some furniture stores and saw this table I fell in love with. The table however was not even close to the style I had previously in mind. In the end we ended up buying the table which altered all our initial home decoration plans for the house. Since our dining table is a central piece in our home it’s important to integrate it with the rest of the decor. Therefore it was time to go on the hunt for new inspiration and matching pieces to style our home. Preperation comes in handy but sometimes you see that one piece that fits and you end up changing everything because of it. My dining table has black details which made me go for full black chairs and placemats.

It’s in the details

Sometimes all your home needs is some details. The wow-factor often comes when you add small things to an area. Take my basic grey couch for example. I added some decorative pillows and a faux fur rug to give it a cosy feeling. These finishing touches give your home a personal vibe. But what to do when your living room area and your dining room area are one open space? You do want to create the feeling that there are two seperate spaces but at the same time you don’t want it to clash with one another. You want a homogeneous home. The grey sofa makes this a seperate space from the dining area where black and the wood pattern of the table dominate the area. The coffee table in my living room has black accents, similar to the black accent on my dining table which ties the living room to the dining room. The details on this table finish it off with more black accents. This beautiful longlife flowerbox from Ted’s roses and the Chanel book are the perfect black details to tie everything together. Sometimes the little things make it work.

Accessories and compromise

Sometimes you see something online that looks amazing but it wouldn’t exactly fit in your home. I love rosegold and love it even more in combination with marble. This rack with marble shelves and rosegold hardware was something I would have loved to have in my living area. But it simply wouldn’t fit in the style I have set up for my home. Does that mean I had to let go the idea of the rack with shelves? Not at all, I compromised. I went for this black hardware rack with glass shelves. It doesn’t only look lovely but it also fits in my decor. As I mentioned before the little things can make a huge difference. Accessories are a must! Books, flowers, candles, … Whatever works for you! It can transform your home into something beautiful and bring it to the next level.

I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you good luck with decorating your new home! As decorating is an ongoing process, there’s still alot that needs to be done. I will take you with me on this yourney!

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