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Colourful pants: how to match and style a camel jeans

Building your outfit around a coloured center piece such as a pants can sometimes be tricky. I’ve often stood before my closet and felt like I didn’t have the right top to match with my colourful pants as it quickly gets ‘too much’. It doesn’t have to be tricky though. I’ve recently bought a colourful pants in a camel colour that I love to match and style with different pieces. Although fashion is about expressing your own personal style I do have some tips on how to style coloured jeans.

1. neutral tones

When you already have a lot of colour in one of the pieces you’re wearing I find it best to go more neutral with the other parts of your outfit. Here I have my camel coloured jeans combined with a white top. The embillishments on the top are subtle enough that they don’t overpower the outfit but still give the plain white shirt a nice touch. The beads on the top are silver and copper coloured, a perfect match with the camel jeans.  To tie this look together I wore camel coloured ankle boots with glitter heels. Because the pants and the shoes are the same colour it will give an elongated look to your legs.


2. Prints with matching colour

Another way to combine an outfit with a coloured pants is to get a top with a print which contains a bit of the same colour of the jeans. This way the top and the pants combine well without being dressed completely in one colour. I chose a white top for this outfit with a feathered print. The print has subtle touches of camel which makes this a nice combo. Because the main colour of the top is white (a neutral colour) it’s ok to have different colours in the print as well.

3. Matching shoes

With these two outfits I decided to go for the open toe heels with a leopard print. The camel in the print ties in well with the colour of the jeans and makes this a perfect match. With the other outfit a chose these camel booties. the glittered heel gives them an extra touch to give some more character to the outfit.


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