How to: room/house decoration on a budget

Soon we’re moving out for the first time. We’re so excited! That means a lot of costs to decorate different rooms in the house. Since we’re on a tight budget we’re looking for ways to give the house a personal touch with pretty room decorations on a budget.

Although we still need to buy most of our furniture, we are already looking for certain decoration pieces that will give our home personal touch. Decorating your room does not have to be expensive. You can get many basic pieces and DIY it into something very unique. I already have some idea’s of certain IKEA pieces that I will DIY and make this my own personal project. This way you don’t have to spend loads of money on a single item and it will still be unique. Room decoration pieces can be very expensive but I’ve found it’s easier when you don’t go shopping once for all your room decoration. It’s easier to constantly keep an eye out wherever you go. This way you will have inspiration for your own home and you’ll find some lovely deals.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to find inspiration for decoration your home. You’ll find many DIY home decorations on there as well as beautiful pictures of other people’s living rooms or bedrooms that can give you ideas how to decorate your own home. Does that mean you have to copy everything exactly? Of course not, but you can incorporate certain pieces of different pinterest posts that will give you your own personal home sweet home.

2. Primark

In most primarks there is a home section. Here they have different things that you can buy for your home. Going from functional items like towels and pillows to decoration items that give that finishing touch to your home. Sadly they do not have an online site so going in store once in a while is a great idea to get fun decoration pieces on a budget! These three cacti are a fun way to incorparate some plants in your home. A cactus is very low maintanance. Thes ones are fake so you will have no trouble keeping them ‘alive’. The gold cactus pots are a cute finishing touch to the overall look of the cactus. I got three different ones and mixed them up to give them an interesting look.

There are many ways to incorporate these cacti in your home. You can place them on a shelf, your kitchen counter or even place them on a tray. This wooden tray with marble texture is from Blokker and was another cheap piece that can be used to place in your home


3. Use pieces in different ways

Found a beautiful cutting board or a beautiful tray somewhere? You can use it many different ways, not just for what it was meant to be used for. Have a beautiful cutting board like this one in marble with rosegold handles? Why not use it as a jewelry tray? It’s unique, pretty and totally functional. This way you can find the most awesome pieces of decorations in items you’d never expect.

4. Society6

By changing certain pieces in your home, you can create a whole different vibe to your home decor. Just by changing up some pillows it can already look completely different. These things won’t cost you a furtune but will still give you the desired effect. Society6 is a website with lots of different items, including decorating pieces. People can upload their designs on this website. When you buy a piece you’ll support the designer who created the design. There is so much to choose from!

I got this rosegold pillow with geometrical patterns. The different shapes have different designs, going from glitter to foil. I must say it looks better on pictures than in real life. So this one was a little disappointing. The clock however was an absolute win. It’s rosegold glitter with a marble print. Perfect combination for my dressing room! Definitely a piece you won’t see a lot.

In the following months I’ll definitely share my journey of decorating my home with you. Hopefully these tips were helpful!

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