You are never fully dressed without perfume – Jean d’Arcel Incarnation n°8

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Perfume, it’s something I have great difficulty choosing. When I walk into a perfume store I’m always so overwhelmed by all the different scents that it’s very hard for me to determine which scent I’m actually smelling and whether I like it or not. Therefore it’s always a ‘chore’ for me to go perfume shopping. I do have a preference for sweet and floral scents that aren’t too harsh or overpowering. But when do you come to the point where it becomes overpowering? No one really knows unless they wear the scent for a while or smell it on someone else. That’s how I came to the Jean d’Arcel brand.

I bought myself the Jean d’Arcel Incarnation n°8 Eau De Parfum. I’ve never heard of the brand before but when I smelled it when my cousin was wearing it (sounds creepy) I just immediately loved the scent.  Sadly it was not available in the more common perfume stores. The brand is distributed in beauty salons and some selected webshops. I got mine from online-kosmetikshop but you can also get it here.

I was very satisfied with the service of online-kosmetikshop and even got a few free trials from the Jean d’Arcel brand. They also have many products that are make-up and skincare related. Overall I would describe the scent as sweet and florally but not in a sickly sweet way. It’s not a heavy scent. It does remind me a little of Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf but this one is a little cheaper. The bottle is fairly simple and has a little white bow as decoration.

I also love my new set of nails by my nailtech. I went for a neutral earthy taupe colour, combined with a gradient (gold to white) glitter accent nail and a gold chrome pinky nail. Love it! If anyone has other nail instagram accounts with beautiful gel nail designs that I can follow, let me know!



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