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Outfit of the day: December 18th

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Today I went for a casual outfit. Black trousers with a subtle faux leather look. I simply love the edgy look of faux leather and it makes my outfit just that little more interesting! On top of that I wore a black and white striped top, one of my recent purchases from Pimkie. The blouse has a nice detail on the neckline and is embellished with rhinestones. This way you don’t even have to look for a matching necklace. The shoes are from Sac d’Anvers in Ghent.

I must admit I haven’t been shopping for clothes in a while. I haven’t been feeling so great lately becauseĀ I’ve gained a lot of weight since I started working. Although I still fit my clothes, sadly the weighing scale doesn’t lie. So due to the weight gain I haven’t been feeling myself which results in less shopping for clothes. Or at least finding barely anything that I think will suit me. This top though is one of those basic pieces that I think fits just about anyone. If I’m honest that’s also the reason why I usually don’t post pictures of me wearing the outfits. There is always something I don’t like about those pictures and it’s very confrontational. I’m sure most women will understand ^^.

But I’ve chosenĀ to do something about it! I’ve decided to go to the gym twice a week and try to get more fit. Obviously it’s a long-term process but hopefully that will help me to lose some weight and feel a little bit more confident. If anyone has a good schedule to get back into shape let me know! Anyway, enough rambling for today^^.

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