January haul

January has not been a good month for my wallet. Normally I don’t really like to go shopping during the sale time all that much because of all the chaos. But since I always have the feeling that I would miss out some great deals if I wouldn’t go, I ended up having a shopping day in Brussels (because of the new Primark there^^). I didn’t really end up buying a lot of fashion accessories but mostly got some basics. I can’t wait for the Primark in Ghent to finally open in April!

Since I also love online shopping I regularly checked my favourite online shopping stores during the sales as well.
Following things are a few pieces I hauled. I saw this necklace from the jewellery store ‘I am’ on a blog and just thought this was a beautiful piece. I love the neutral colours and complete floral design of the necklace. Originally it is from the winter collection but I believe it’s a perfect transitional piece to wear during summer as well because of the soft shades.


Then I saw this black and red plaid shirt on instagram detailed with polka dots on the sleeves and collar. Sometimes mixing patterns can be too much, but in this case I think the polka dots pattern and the plaid pattern are such a perfect unexpected combination. I also love the way it looks on faux leather pants. I got mine from the webshop Mindy Mae’s Market. Unfortunately since I’m located in Europe and the webshop is located in the US, I had to pay extra customs costs in order to being able to receive the item. So for those of you in a similar situation beware that the costs might run higher if they decide to check your item in customs.

This is a new watch I acquired after finally trying Aliexpress for the first time. I have heard a lot about it but never really acted on it until now. I must say I’m in love with the design and the price (around 15 euro).

New gel colour. I love the neutral soft pastel lila tone, this is one of those colours you can easily match with different kind of fashion accessories.



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