Burgundy crush

I love the colour burgundy during autumn/fall and winter. It’s just the perfect pop of colour for these seasons. The wonderful thing about colours is that you can incorporate them into many parts of your outfit going from make-up to jewelry to the actual clothing pieces itself. 

I love make-up but have always been very limited in trying lip colours or different make-up looks. I usually stick to black eyeliner and mascara to emphasize my eyes because I personally think they are my best feature. Usually I don’t really wear lipsticks because I have a small mouth, nothing really worth emphasizing. I have been seeing beautiful burgundy or deep/dark red coloured lips a lot recently on blogs and different Instagram pictures and really wanted to try it myself. I got the Kiko lipstick and I am in love with the colour! Kiko cosmetics is still very limited in Belgium but they do have a store in Brussels and you can order items online on their webshop. They are very affordable and the quality of their products is very good. Definitely worth checking out. 

Kiko cosmetics lipstick: smart lipstick 914 – Necklace: New Look – Nail Polish Catrice: 070 Caught on the red carpet – Clear make-up organizer: Action
Clutch bag: Action – Earrings & necklace: my old webshop Deep Devotion 

Playing with colours is something I love to do. I like to mix different items of a similar colour together so it looks ‘put together’ but isn’t too much of the same either. A nice burgundy blouse with a burgundy lip is always a good idea. I usually build my outfit around one item, for example these pretty burgundy shoes (I’m so in love with these), and choose other pieces around this central piece.

 Blouse: everything5pounds.com

 Shoes: Misscoquines

Shoes: Misscoquines – Pants: local store – Top: Primark – Necklace: New Look


I’ve also been investing in some new burgundy pieces. I love faux leather so this pants and jacket just caught my eye. It is the first time I ordered from this site so I’m curious what the pieces will look like when I receive them. Im sure I’ll feature the items in the future if they happen to fit. The site definitely has some wonderful pieces that are on my wishlist. 

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