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Over the past couple of weeks/months I have been accumulating quite a lot of new items. Since i’m somewhat of a bargain shopper and try to purchase items that aren’t too expensive, I’m always able to get several things for a reasonable amount of money. I definitely believe you can find some nice pieces for an affordable price and I just personally love to switch outfits more instead of having one very expensive designer item at hand. That being said let me show you some of the things I got.

Basic pumps detailed with studs (+/6 euro a pair)
Light jacket with a tribal/aztec print (12 euro)
Sequin dress (6 euro)
Outfit I put together with my new shoes

statement necklace (12.5 euro)

I needed some pair of basic pumps that I could wear with many different outfits. I think these are perfect without being too boring. I will most likely be wearing the sequin dress as a skirt with a sweater on top (since it might be a little too much for everyday wear). Statement necklaces are just a way for me to make basic outfits a little more interesting so it’s always nice to have a new piece. 

I’m also planning on checking out the sales but that will have to wait for a while since i’m having my first exam on Friday. I wish everyone the best of luck with their exams!

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