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A new year also means new fashion trends. I love seeing the trends evolve from one season to another and seeing different textures and colours appear. The textures during this part of the year, meaning the colder/winter season have all been about glitters, sequins and fluffy furry things, but what other trends and colours will the year 2014 entail? We can already conclude glitters (mostly the colourful ones) will not go out of style during the warmer seasons.

I personally don’t usually wear things that I don’t like regardless if the clothing item is the musthave fashion piece of the season or not. But I have to agree sometimes it just takes a little time to get used to certain types of clothing before I’m feeling comfortable to give them a try. I would describe my style as feminin/girly, sometimes classic and casual and once in a while I like a bit of an edgy touch. I have been checking different blogs, websites and Youtubers out to find out about what fashion will bring us for this brand new year.That being said here are some of the trends of the upcoming year.
For the fashionistas that want to stash their wardrobe with the colour of 2014 will have to look out for the colour named Radiant Orchid. Somewhat of a fancy name that comes down to different shades of purple/lilac with fuchsia and pink undertones. The main asset of this colour is that it can be worn by almost any skin tone. For girls out there that don’t like to go all out with colours can incorporate Radiant Orchid in their accessories such as shoes or jewelry.

Here a picture of a look that I wore this summer

The midi dress will be a musthave this year as well. Since this is a rather difficult silhouette to work with it is necessary to find the right fit. It is recommended to go for a fitted dress so that our curves don’t go to waste. What the length of the dress concerns you can choose one that fits right under your knee or if you go for a somewhat longer version of the midi dress it is best to have the end of the dress just where the smaller part of your calves (being the beginning of your ankles) starts. A midi dress that will end in the widest part of your calves will make you look shorter and slightly out of proportion which is something that we obviously want to avoid. High heels and pumps can help with keeping a nice silhouette This dress combined with the floral pattern that we will be seeing a whole bunch of this summer, gives it a vintage style. Combined with some cute accessories I think it has a charming vibe.
Embellished dresses will also be a hit this year. This is basically a dress that has its own statement necklace or statement incorporated in the dress. I love accessorising my outfits but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to pop something on that is already a perfect outfit on its own. No extra time needed to see if this necklace fits to make it a little more interesting. With these type of dresses you are ready to go out anytime. These dresses can also easily be dressed down with a casual vest or jacket.

outfit I put together with a dress of my shop

Now onto the shoes, I have a weak spot for shoes if I say so myself. This year it’ll be all about the pointed toe flat shoes. Heels will obviously always stay in style but it can never hurt to give your feet some time off. This aspect will also elongate your legs (you can never go wrong with that right?). I personally like the ones with an ankle strap for that extra classy touch.

Leather, such a classic! This year it will still be a part of our fashion wardrobe. Mainly in the shape of a leather shirt. It is an edgy piece but can be worn so many different ways. You can make this casual or dress it up with a fancy necklace.

Plaid, for some this will be a print that is a little too much to wear as a main clothing piece (I’m one of them). For those I can suggest using accessories. However if you do want to try something out of your comfort zone this might be the piece for you. It is very versatile and can be worn many different ways. Are you feeling punk rock today or are you rather feeling like wearing a preppy look today? This pattern can do all of that for you.
Last but not least, geometric prints. Specifically for coats or jackets! It makes an outfit immediately a lot more interesting. 
That was is for now!
see you soon 

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