My latest purchases from Aliexpress

Recently I’ve been shopping on Aliexpress now and then. I’ll warn everyone already, you’ll probably see a lot of upcoming future posts featuring Aliexpress items. Usually I tend to stick with buying accessories since they are very inexpensive and it’s not something that requires a certain size. Though I must admit that I’m tempted to try out some of their clothes. If anyone has some experience with that let me know!

Where some time ago I was totally into big statement necklaces (I still like them), lately I’ve been drawn to dainty layered necklaces. These pieces are so easy to combine with any different outfit and just give that ‘added touch’ to your look. Naturally I went a little overboard with orderering a whole bunch of the layered necklaces. Some of them are still on their way.

The first one that came in is this gold necklace with 3 layers. The first has a rosy coloured stone followed by a golden bar and a marble triangle with gold plating. I love the marble look combined with the gold!

white sweater and gold coloured necklace

sweater: Primark – Necklace: Aliexpress

Also ordered myself 2 backpacks. This black one has a feather pattern with some golden chain details. Love it! The other has yet to arrive, so I’ll keep you updated on that.

collage of black coloured apparel

Heels: everything5pounds – Ring tray: Urban Outfitters – Backpack: Aliexpress

This rosegold glitter sticker for my Iphone made my day just that bit more sparkly. The rosegold watch with the marble/shell effect is also one of my favourite purchases of late.

collage of several fashion aritcles

Iphone sticker: Aliexpress – Headphones: Frends (originally bought from https://www.assem.nl/but discontinued) – Watch: Aliexpress – Shoes: NewYorkFashion

Guess what, another marble layered necklace… Do you see a trend here?

necklace and white rose on white fur

Necklace: Aliexpress

What I love about this bracelet is the fact that you can actually easily put it on yourself. No problems with getting the lock in place. Just a simple cuff bracelet with a marble effect. Perfect to stack up with a watch or other bracelets.

cluse watch with black marble bracelet

Watch: Cluse – Bracelet: Aliexpress – Glitter jacket: My old webshop (not online anymore)

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