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I’m back with another haul. This time I must say it’s a haul that is a little bit out of my comfort zone but it’s always nice to change things up a bit and try out new styles and new ways of adding something different to your wardrobe and combining that with the things you already own, in the meanwhile i’ll take this opportunity to do a review of famous-store.

Since I recently started driving I realised I don’t have many shoes that don’t have heels. It’s safe to say that driving with heels is very difficult (for me anwyay) and not convenient at all. So until now I only had a couple of boots that were comfortable to drive with. As any excuse is good to buy new shoes, I decided to check for some new pairs. And this is how i came to famous-store.
It is the first time I ordered from this site and must say I am satisfied with my purchase. I ordered on a Thursday and received my order on a Saturday. On the webshop it says that when you order before 18.00 on workdays you will get your order in the next day. I ordered mine before 18.00 but it was sent out the Friday. Overall it was still a fairly quick delivery time. Shipping is free when you purchase 75 euro or more for Dutch people but since I live in Belgium I sadly did not get the free shipping option.
I first came across these short ankle booties in the famous-store shop in a peach blush colour. These caught my eye cause of the colour and beautiful contrast in the boots. The front is suede and the back has more of a shimmer rosegold foil look to it. Sizing wise i have a 38/39 where I usually go for a 39 in boots/ closed shoes. These are definitely true to size or I would say even on the bigger side of sizing. Mine did come with a little discolouration on the front part of the shoe which I was a little sad about. Keep in mind that this light colour will obviously stain easily. I thought they were so pretty for upcoming spring and loved the colour that I couldn’t resist.



These next pairs are totally new to me what the style of the shoes concern. I went for some sneakers and that’s something I didn’t own yet. It is gonna be something different for me to wear and I can’t wait to style them.
I got these white sneakers with golden zipper details and snake/crocodile print. I decided to go for the white ones instead of the black since I don’t own any white shoes yet. I’m absolutely in love with them.


These nude/beige sneakers I chose because the colour is very easy to match with different outfits. I also love the design of them so I was sold immediately. These were in sale for 15 euro.
If you would like to see me style them you can always go to my instagram account because I will be styling them there in the near future. The beige/nude shoes with a pretty blazer and statement necklace are definitely a viable option for me.
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