DIY frame of roses

Today I decided to be a bit crafty and try to make a DIY. I’ve ordered some foam roses online because I simply love roses and I like the extra touch they can give to pictures. However when I ordered them they came in a lot of a 100 so that is a bit of an excessive amount to put into pictures. Therefore I thought of some other concepts where I could use some of the roses.It is safe to say I’m not one of the craftiest persons out there but I always like a challenge. I always like seeing DIY’s on Youtube or Pinterest but sometimes those projects just require too many items or specific skills that I don’t have. I didn’t base myself on any specific DIY here and just simply thought of what possibilities I had with the roses and some other things I had lying around.

I am going to have my own place with the boyfriend soon and therefore I’ve been totally into decorating ideas and possible decoration styles/concepts. I thought I could already practise a bit with this project.

I found an old frame around a magnetic board. Originally the frame was a cheap ┬áplastic looking black colour but I loved the barok style the frame had. I bought white shiny spray paint and sprayed the frame a couple of layers with the colour. As you can see it isn’t completely plain white but has some different textures/colours coming through. I liked the uniqueness of it and decided to keep it like this without spraying other layers on top of it.

I ordered the lot in mixed colours roses. Different pink shades as well as green, yellow and blue roses were inside of the lot. I decided to work with the neutral nudes, whites and pink colours. Obviously if you would only like one monochrome colour like white you could just order the lot in that specific colour. I personally think it would look very nice with one colour roses but I didn’t have enough roses of the same colour to test that out. You get about 10 roses of the same colour if you order a mixed lot. I tried different styles and patterns. Another option I will keep in mind is to spray paint the roses in a specific colour or glitter. Since I don’t know the colour schemes I’m working with yet in my future place I haven’t tried that out yet. But I like white and gold/rose gold colours. I think spraying some of the roses in gold/rosegold and some in white would have a beautiful contrast to the 3D rose frame. Glitter paint is obviously also a nice option. The pictures below show some of the options of different arrangements of the roses.

I haven’t glued them on yet since I’m not entirely sure yet how I want the roses to be placed exactly. I think I prefer the horizontal lines of different coloured roses. What do you guys think?






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