15th January 2014

Mix of things

As the title explains, this post will have several pictures of various stuff. Since I’m in the middle of my exams (I’ve done 2 already), I haven’t really been able to go outside and make complete outfit pictures. Though the real reason why I don’t have outfit pictures yet is because my boyfriend is going to work during the day, so when he comes back home it’s already dark outside which makes it a lot more difficult to make decent pictures. So basically I can’t really blame the lack of pictures on studying since I’m still trying to find my concentration somewhere to get myself prepared for my next exam. It seems like I have the attention span of a goldfish what studying concerns. The…… Read More

10th January 2014

Fashion trends 2014

A new year also means new fashion trends. I love seeing the trends evolve from one season to another and seeing different textures and colours appear. The textures during this part of the year, meaning the colder/winter season have all been about glitters, sequins and fluffy furry things, but what other trends and colours will the year 2014 entail? We can already conclude glitters (mostly the colourful ones) will not go out of style during the warmer seasons.… Read More