Review The Autumn Dolly Box (Dolly Bow Bow Box)

Today I received my first Dolly Bow Bow Box. Dolly Bow Bow (Kate Murnane) is a YouTuber that makes fashion and make up related videos and has her own jewelry/ accessories webshop. Every season she also prepares a dolly box that features 1 statement necklace and 4 dainty pieces. The boxes sell for 26.99 pounds which is about 37 euros (shipping not included). My boyfriend got this autumn box for my 24th birthday since I’ve been wanting to try out the dolly box for some time now but never really ended up purchasing one.

You could compare the box with the concept of subscription boxes since the items you will receive will be a surprise for you until you open the box. For some people the surprise factor can be like opening a gift, for others it might be a scary thing since you don’t know what you will receive and therefore you don’t know what you will spend your money on. Since I’m a big fan of jewelry I decided to give it a try. The content of the boxes is different every season and can be ordered a certain amount of time. I ordered mine in the beginning of September and received it the 6th of Ocotober. The boxes are all shipped the first of October so it took about 5/6 days to arrive. The box is shipped in a bubble envelope which can give some dents to the box (mine was dented on the sides).

Originally the boxes were black and had a baby pink ribbon bow. I loved this colour combination of black and pink and thought it looked really cute and pretty (you can see the previous look of the boxes in one of the pictures below). Kate mentioned in one of her videos  that the packaging would be different for the autumn box. I must say I preferred the black and pink ribbon boxes more than this carton coloured box with the white bow. I think the carton coloured box looks less sophisticated than the black version but it’s still pretty cute. Inside the box there is a card with info about the pieces, pink wrapping paper and of course the jewelry. The dainty jewelry pieces come with white jewelry bags.

The box came with 1 statement necklace in grey and brown tones. It’s a necklace that definitely fits the autumn season. I personally think this is the best piece in the box. If you want it seperately for a much cheaper price you can find it here.

The rest of the pieces I must say I’m not very excited about. The earrings (leaf earrings) look very simple and also rather cheap. I could easily find them for less than 1 euro on the sites I have recently been buying my jewelry from. Same with the midi leaf ring. The antler bracelet feels really fragile and light (also found the exact same one here if you are interested, obviously way cheaper). In the video I mentioned above she also stated that the friendship piece would be an extra treat/item in the box, it is however one of the main pieces and not a sixth (extra) jewelry item in the box. The necklaces exist of a dainty chain with a pendant that is half of a heart. It has half of the word ‘best friends’ written on it so when you place the two halves of the hearts together they form the words ‘best friends’.

Overall I must say I’m really disappointed with the autumn dolly box and had expected way more for the amount of money the box sells for. The website itself has some really nice pieces and previous boxes seemed to be very nice as well. That is also the reason why I considered trying it out and I was super excited to receive this box but this one just didn’t do it for me. The quality is not very good and the pieces are way overpriced.

To not end with a bad note, I wish you all a lovely day!

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